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In July 2000, the Federal Government launched the First Home Owner Grant (FHOG), which was designed to compensate those buying a home for the effects of the GST on home ownership.

The one-off grant of up to $7000 is payable to first home owners that meet the eligibility criteria.

The scheme is funded and administered by the states and territories and some states do offer additional benefits. To find out information specific to your state, please refer to the links below.

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First Home Owners Grant – Eligibility

To qualify for the First Home Owners Grant, first home owners must

  •  live in the property within 12 months of settlement or if it is a new home, within 12 months of the home being completed.
  •  Live in the property for a minimum of six months.
  •  be an Australian Citizen or permanent resident.
  •  buy a house or construct a house, unit or flat.
  •  be genuine first home buyers who have not purchased a house, unit or flat before. The same applies to your partner.
  •  Apply for the grant within one year of settlement or the construction completion date.
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Applying for the First Home Owners Grant

Applying for the first homeowners grant is easy with AMO.

Just ask your AMO Mortgage Specialist to help you complete and submit the form. We’ve helped thousands of Australian’s purchase their first home and we would be delighted to assist you also.

Please call us or complete the enquiry form on the right for more information.


As mentioned earlier, the first home owners grant does differ from state to state. Many states offer additional benefits to First home owners. To find out more, visit the website applicable to your state



Federal Government Website

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