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Australian Bankers' Association


the Australian Banking Industry Ombudsman (ABIO) provides an avenue through which customers can make complaints about their bank and have them dealt with independently.


to agree to the terms of an offer or contract

Accrued Interest

interest you have earned or incurred that is yet to be paid or charged.

Additional Repayment

extra funds paid into the loan over and above the minimum prescribed repayments.


the process of allocating expenses (Council, electricity, phone, water rates) has paid for but not used, and which the buyer has not used but will be billed.


person or body authorised to act on behalf of a client in the sale, purchase or management of property.

All In One Loan

a loan, generally variable, that allows you to deposit all your income into the loan account and then withdraw money from the loan account for all your day to day purchases and transactions. The longer spare funds stay in the account, the greater the interest savings.


a block of land created out of larger area.

Amortisation Period

the period of time one has to repay a loan at the arranged terms.

Application Fees

fees charged to cover or partially cover the lender's internal costs of setting up a loan approval for a home buyer

Appraised Value

estimate of the value of a property being used as security for a loan.


an overdue account yet to be paid.

At Call

a bank account from which money can be withdrawn immediately.


public sale of property with ownership going to the highest bidder, subject to a reserve price being reached.