Rates & Fees

Answers to Frequently Asked Questions
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Maximum Interest Rate Charged

We offer a variety of interest rates on our home loans that vary depending on your individual situation. Currently the highest rate you could expect to pay on a new home loan is 7.89% per annum. This particular rate is applicable for applicants that have had credit issues in the past such as bankruptcy or credit defaults. However, the majority of our clients are offered an interest rate lower than the standard variable rate offered by the banks.

Fees Charged

The Fees you will be charged can vary depending on the circumstances associated with your home loan application, the type of loan selected and the value of your property. For example, the standard upfront fees charged could be:

• Application Fee: $650
• Valuation Fee: $300 or as charged by the Valuer

Other Fees that may be charged are those by Solicitors, Mortgage Insurers or the Lender of your loan. Contact us direct to find out what fees would be applicable to your situation.

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