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There’s a lot to consider – like how to get a home loan approval and how to make your repayments with fluctuating cash flow. You might also want a line of credit mortgage instead of a simple home loan, to cover your home and some business needs.

As a long-term investment, owning your own home can be a solid strategy. You and your family have the security of being in your own place, and a home loan is probably the best regular ‘savings plan’ that you can have. You could benefit from capital appreciation – while your family enjoys the stability of staying in the one spot until you’re ready to sell and upgrade.

For people with fluctuating cash flow, we can help with your home loan. We offer a range of Low Doc Home Loans that don’t require all the standard financial documentation and may have all the features you need. You can even apply for a Low Doc line of credit loan to combine your business, personal and investment finances. All you’ll need is your ABN.

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No matter what work you do, an AMO Lo Doc Loan could be perfect for you.

If you are self-employed, AMO understands that it may be difficult for you to provide the normal documentation required for a home loan such as proof of income, balance sheets and tax returns.

That is why our range of lo doc loans are so popular. You get the security of borrowing from an established, reputable lender with great loan features while also enjoying the easy low documentation application process.

These loans may be low on documentation, but they are high on features…

  •  Redraw and additional payments permitted
  •  No ongoing fees
  •  Telephone and internet banking
  •  100% offset facility available
  •  Flexible repayments – weekly, fortnightly or monthly
  •  Lines of credit available
  •  Income Crediting accepted
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