Client testimonials about AMO services.


Thank you Gina, Thank you Lydia,

I have been flat-out this morning and sorry i have not had a chance to contact either of you, and i have another interview now at 12.00. Somebody from Melbourne called me just before i was about to see a Member and gave me the news. I truly felt like bursting into tears from both relief and joy !! But of course had to stay composed in front of everyone. How can i ever THANK YOU enough ...???

Truly you have given me THE BEST Christmas joy i could possibly have ever hoped for. I can finally finish the house!


I have been in real estate for approximately 40 years and I have seen a lot of lenders come and go and I have seen a lot of mortgages that are available in the marketplace. When it came for my turn to get my mortgage loan, I chose Australian Mortgage Options and I was so happy with their service that a few years later when my daughter was buying her first home, I also referred her to Australian Mortgage Options. They got us a full featured product, it allows us the full flexibility to make unlimited repayments with no ongoing fees and charges and lower than the banks standard rates.

Now when it comes to people borrowing money, if they ask me who to go to, I recommend Australian Mortgage Options. They looked after me and they can look after you too.

Their knowledge, professionalism and great rates, that’s what the influencing factor was for me and knowing how to structure the loan right to meet my needs.


When it came to a home loan we didn’t know where to go. But since my dad has been in property for over 40 years we asked him for advice. He said he chose AMO and recommended us to Australian Mortgage Options.


When we went there, our loan was approved first time and we got the property we wanted. All with the help of Australian Mortgage Options.

We first had a traditional home loan which it seemed it was taking forever to pay it off. We went and saw the team at Australian Mortgage Options a few years ago. They structured a loan which showed us how to pay off our home loan sooner. Once we did that we used the equity in our home to buy our first investment property. That worked so well and now we’ve upgraded to our dream home which is a large 2 storey 4 bedroom home with a pool out the back. This was all achieved with the help of Australian Mortgage Options. By the way, we still have our investment property which we didn’t need to sell and that’s with myself and my husband and the 3 kids.


In 1999 I went to see Robert from Australian Mortgage Options to look at my financial situation and see what could be done. Since then with the help of AMO I have bought 3 or 4 properties and I have also referred my son to AMO. As soon as he graduated, we got him in the property market too. Now he also has a couple of properties.


I first went to see Australian Mortgage Options to see if at my age they could help me as I was on a relatively low income and renting. They helped me buy my first home and since then I have bought several properties and now have moved up to the Hunter Valley and am currently living there. This has been done all on my own and I have also recommended my son to Australian Mortgage Options and they have also helped him too.


I am an active investor. It got to the stage where the banks didn’t want to know me because they thought I was over exposed. They didn’t understand my investment strategy where I wanted to keep having facilities available just in case opportunities came up to buy more property.

I met Australian Mortgage Options and they showed me how to structure my finances to give me flexibility to buy more property. Since then with the help of AMO, I have increased my portfolio to x amount of properties.


Natasha came in at approximately 4.30 in the afternoon and met with Australian Mortgage Options to see what her borrowing capacity was as she had spotted a property that she liked. That same afternoon, the loan was approved, we made the offer on the property and secured it and then moved into our home.

The process went so well and we were so impressed with Australian Mortgage Options. It was beyond what we expected. They organised our pre-approval on the spot, because they had the authority to do it. The people you speak to have got the authority to make the decision. It was a benefit that it didn’t have to go and be sent away elsewhere to wait for an approval. It was approved by the Credit Manager, Steve, on the spot.


First he was with the bank and he was paying a standard variable rate on his home loan and also higher rates on his business overdraft. Restructured with AMO with a lower rate that he was paying on his home loan and much lower on his overdraft, that was with the AMO Lo-Doc loan, where he didn’t have to provide any tax returns or financials, whereas the bank wanted him to provide them on a regular basis every year.


Now he has restructured his business loans, business is going great and AMO also helped him out with his new beautiful 2 storey home.

We are a mature couple in our second relationship and we were renting and didn’t think we would ever get into our own home. We went and saw the team at Australian Mortgage Options and they organised everything from the home loan and everything that was required with very little deposit from ourselves and got us into our dream home.


Hi I’m Mick and I’m Hussey. We run Direct Smash Repairs. We have been running if for approximately 20 years. When it came to the changing times in our business, we needed to restructure our finances. Our bank was giving us the runaround so we visited AMO.

AMO structured a loan for us as a lo-doc loan without having to worry about jumping through hoops or any red tape and with a competitive rate, better than the overdraft we were getting on our business loan. We put that in place just to ride out the wave till the next hail storm, we guess, when we should be inundated with work again.


Hi my names Mario from LH Brown Real Estate. Our family have got several real estate offices and have been in the industry for over 20 years. When it comes to finances, I have seen many home loans cross my desk. When it comes to doing my personal finances I use Australian Mortgage Options. They have to the right products and the right know how to structure a loan for almost every situation from a lo doc to a full doc and when my family and friends ask me where they should go for their home loan, I also refer them to Australian Mortgage Options.


As I also have a passion for property myself when opportunities occasionally come up, I like to make sure my finances are in order to be able to make the most of every opportunity. I utilise the facility that has been setup by Australian Mortgage Options and all that was done even as a lo doc with no proof of income.

Hi my name is Michael and I’ve been in property for 15 years. My father was also in property for over 20 years. When it comes to our own personal finances we use Australian Mortgage Options. Why? Cause they have got the best products at the best possible rates.

I used them to buy my first home and now again for my second home. My father also used them for his property.

I have seen a lot of people come and go in the market place but its people like Australian Mortgage Options who I choose to do my finances with. Yet we get all sorts of offers from all sorts of people all the time.

It’s going with someone you can trust that makes the world of difference.


Hi my name’s Peter Ishak and I’m the principal of P&A Conveyancing. I see thousands and thousands of conveyancing transactions all the time from all sorts of lenders, all sorts of products and all sorts of rates.

When it came time for me to do my own personal finances, I chose Australian Mortgage Options. Why? They’ve got products that give me the flexibility to do what I need to do and when I need to do it and with a very competitive rate lower than what I could get in the market place and with no ongoing fees and charges.

A mortgage transaction is one of the most important transactions that someone can make in their lifetime and it’s important that you go with someone that’s got the right products. Not only for today but also for the future. That’s why I chose Australian Mortgage Options for my family.