The Hidden Cost of Buying Land to Build On


When you buy a house and land package, there is a clear fixed cost component that you need to budget for - but not if you buy land to build on.

To avoid costly mistakes later on, there are a few things that you need to be aware of before you purchase your plot of land.

In this video interview on 2UE Talking Lifestyle, Robert Projeski, the Managing Director of AMO, talks about some of the hidden costs when buying land to build on.

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Why Some Properties Sell Above their Reserve/Asking Price


The reserve price is the starting price for an auction or the price at which the property is listed. Although it is illegal for agents to underquote or mislead buyers, many Sydney properties still sell above their expected price range. In this short radio interview, Robert Projeski, the Director of AMO explains some of the underlying reasons why people may be willing to pay more.